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  • Change regarding Root UUID and supplier UUID

    Mikael Nilsson

    Mentioning this buggfix as an article pre-installation since this change might require developers to look at implementations to verify that there is no changes that affect systems after we roll out this change.

    But we have received bug reports about root level organisations (e.g customerId) not being UUIDs and thus breaking the SS12000 specification. This has been a known issue for a while but has been pushed since the customerId did not have an UUID connected to it and the potential downside of changing this can cause unwanted behavior in systems that have hard coded solutions for the ID at root level in the logic.

    We now have a UUID to connect the customerId and since we want to be compliant with the standard this will be rolled out soon.

    The change will be that before the ID in root level could be for example:


    It will now be for example:


    The external units id was previously always “supplier”

    That will be changed to a UUID aswell. The uuid will always be eb899bf3-5834-50e6-8b38-4cee6852db39

    This change will be used as experimentalflag on request in the beginning to not cause problems for users of API

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