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Moving data from point A to point B should be safe and easy - and with EduCloud it is! You get all the tools you need to take control over your data and see how and where it is shared in real time.

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    1. Announcements

      We will make announcements regarding the EduCloud portal here.
      You'll see new sections of the site and other announcement worthy changes here.

    2. General

      General discussions that doesn't fit other existing categories.
      Maybe you've found a great API standard you'd like to share with the world, maybe you just want to express your feelings about SOAP or XML.
      Feel free to talk about anything!

    3. Introductions

      Did you just sign up?

      Hop in here and and tell us a little bit about yourself.

  2. EduCloud

    1. Help

      Are you stuck in your integrations?
      Throw a question in here and someone will definitely be able to help you out!

      Found a bug?
      We have good support tools available for tracking bugs, please use those for bugs.
      If you're not sure if it's a bug or not, feel free to ask if you should report it.

    2. Feature Requests

      Do you have an idea on something that you would see in EduCloud?
      Let us know in here and the team might grant your wish!

    3. Innovation Ideas

      Cool ideas are worth spreading.
      Regardless of who you are within this industry, you might have an idea for an integration that would revolutionize the school sector.

      If you're a developer you might want to build something that someone could use or if you're a school administrator that wants something built, share your innovation ideas in here and connect with those that can make it happen.

  • Announcements

    • Vacation times are coming. This community never intended to be a way to report bugs (even though I understand that it's 100% unavoidable), but rather a tool where we at IST and all you members could help each other with how to work with the EduCloud APIs. With vacation times coming up the level of participation will most definitely go down for you, and that's also true for us of course. I would like to ask you who do find bugs to report them via our normal support flow. If you are a dev partner to one of our customers and don't have access to the support tool, please talk to your contact person and ask them to help you out. And don't forget that you can always help others with answers. Throw some code in there, link to the¬†Educloud Code Examples, because helping each other is helping ourselves. I'll be out of office between June 23 and July 22. Happy coding everyone!
    • This downtime was due to us changing how long sources could be cached without having anyone requesting data from them. We had an issue with the queue system which caused some customers not being able to reach their data via SS12000 after a cache reload. Most data came back up fairly quickly while some took a bit longer to re-sync but all services and data is back on track since late yesterday.
    • We are currently experiencing some operational downtime on some of our SS12000 services. This might mean that you'll receive the response { "code": "source_unavailable", "message": "Could not find any current data set for source: <customerId>" } We are looking into what might have caused this and I'll get back to you as soon as we're back on track. To get notified when this has been solved, please follow this post.
    • Yesterday we had an unplanned downtime caused by a DNS error that lead to this site being unavailable between 2022-05-04 18:00 CET and 2022-05-05 03:00 CET. None of our APIs were affected by this downtime. Only the Educloud portal (this site) were affected.
    • If you want to receive notification on articles that we post you'll have to go to https://educloud.ist.com/articles/?show=categories or click on the "Show Categories" button, select the category that you are interested in following and then click follow. Given that we will continue to add APIs to EduCloud you are most likely not interested in every single article that we post and thus it's better to follow a specific category.
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