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  • Experimental flags a short description

    Mikael Nilsson

    We have had some questions regarding the "experimental flags" that we mention in release notes. We have noticed that this needs a little deeper explanation.

    Why do we use them?

    When we have new features that we feel potentially could cause problems for users of our SS12000 implementation we try to set the changes to be kept under a flag so that the ones needing the changes can start using them and the ones that did not ask for changes have time to implement changes if it could effect their logic. These changes will then after some time be merged into the standard. 

    When we release something under experimental flag we write about it in the release notes or an article.

    How do get a flag turned on for my organisation?

    If the municipality wants this to be available for them the responsible for the municipality creates a support ticket to IST that they want the flag to be turned on.

    The current flags we have today are:

    • newActivityLogic - This is a flag to make sure activities use a parent so that subjects like SO and NO can have multiple identifiable activities.
    • studyplans - This enables the syllabus endpoint. 
    • suppliers - This enables external organisations
    • unmanagedAdmissions - This enables external admissions
    • uuidsForTopNodeAndSupplierParent - This changes root id to a UUID and supplier root id to a UUID.
    • useExtendedSchoolYearRangeForGroups - This enables getting active groups for next school year.

    These are added to new customers in Educloud as standard (still kept as flag for backwards comparability):

    • useExtendedSchoolYearRangeForGroups
    • newActivityLogic
    • uuidsForTopNodeAndSupplierParent

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