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Moving data from point A to point B should be safe and easy - and with EduCloud it is! You get all the tools you need to take control over your data and see how and where it is shared in real time.

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  1. Help

    Are you stuck developing your integrations?
    Throw a question in here and someone will definitely be able to help you out!

    Found a bug?
    We have good support tools available for tracking bugs, please use those for bugs.
    If you're not sure if it's a bug or not, feel free to ask if you should report it.

  2. Feature Requests

    Do you have an idea on something that you would see in EduCloud?
    Let us know in here and the team might grant your wish!

  3. Innovation Ideas

    Cool ideas are worth spreading.
    Regardless of who you are within this industry, you might have an idea for an integration that would revolutionize the school sector.

    If you're a developer you might want to build something that someone could use or if you're a school administrator that wants something built, share your innovation ideas in here and connect with those that can make it happen.

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