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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

This release is labeld as SS12000, but is a utiliy api that is not part of standard. This is made to be able to get result on when the SS12000 cache was last rebuild and if the cache is rebuilding process at the moment.

New feature

  • Endpoint to fetch reload information. Api docs can be found hereĀ https://api.ist.com/ss12000v2-api/extra/. The api will return all sources connected to the key in formatĀ { "id": "SEXXXX", "lastRefresh": "2022-01-19T11:03:50.447Z", "refreshing": false }. The lastRefresh is refering to when the cache had a successful reload, the resfreshing tag returns true if a refresh is ongoing

Release Date: 02/03/22

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