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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

Mostly containing changes and buggfixes. Also some UI changes in dataviewer.

SS12000 Changes

  • Previously our SS12000 implementation could receive more than the allowed values according to the SS12000 specification för reason in the Placements endpoint. Now it will only return one of the following reasons “Omsorg”, “Erbjuden tid”, “Eget behov”. 
  • Some customers have reported that it has been problematic with activities and groups for SO and NO. Earlier we only allowed one activity to be connected to one group, this has now been changed so that more than one activity can be connected to one group. Read more about this in the article section (https://educloud.ist.com/articles/ss-12000/change-regarding-activities-connected-to-group-beeing-developed-r2/

SS12000 Buggfixes

  • In the vux implementation for SS12000 students who had previously been members of an education group in the past would not be included in SS12000 groups. After this change: All (past, present, and current) members of an education group are included in SS12000 groups. 
  • Enrollments in GY could in rare occasions show overlapping enrollments spanning over the same timespan. This has now been corrected and should now not show overlapping enrollments.


  • Person columns in the Duties table (at an organization) are now sorted by middle, family, then first name. Before, they were sorted by first, middle, then family name. 
  • Fix regarding the documentation, previously some customers missed that not the full documentation was shown before pressing “multiline description”. Now multiline is set as default. 
  • The manage account page has been clarified with additional information regarding that you need both to enter name and civicno or name and email to be able to add users. 

Release Date: 03/03/22

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