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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

SS12000 New values

  • Added support for Work phone for Admin data source, this phone number will be listed with the type “Arbete”

SS12000 bugfixes

  • Previously the top unit in the organization tree used the customerid as its ID. This has caused problems for users that always expect a UUID as a value. We will now instead use a connected UUID for the ID here for Admin datasources. A similar change is made to the synthetic organization "Externa Enheter" which is the parent of all external suppliers. It previously had the ID “suppliers” and is now changed to always be the ID “eb899bf3-5834-50e6-8b38-4cee6852db39”.
    These changes will initially be put under an Experimental flag that needs to be ordered to be turned on. This to make sure there are no users that will have problems in the switch of these elements. The change will occur on the entire instance so when a customer turns this on it affects all connected users of the customers data.
  • Registered By under grades should contain a UUID but is today containing a person name instead. This will now return empty until we have fixed a correct UUID to connect the person to.

Release Date: 04/11/22
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