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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

Larger upgrade on the backend services regarding the api nodes and streams. This could cause the api to be unresponsive for a couple of minutes during the upgrade (15.00). 

Upgrade of services

  • Upgrade of backend services to better handle parallel request from data cache. Earlier under heavy load the parallel requests could cause the streams to act irregular.


  • The SS12000 standard document and the YAML file is incompatible on the naming of VUX or KOMVUX. Earlier we followed the documentation namning it VUX but this is causing problems for some customer who is using the YAML to generate code. So in order to make sure it works for autogenereration we are changing the schooltype of VUX to be KOMVUX for the syllabus. 


  • Fixing group membership for VUX students that appear in the same group more than once.

Release Date: 08/16/22

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