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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

This release mostly contains maintenance, but also contains a variation of improvements such as change to increase stability of Studyplans and a better handling of problems with pagination calls.


  • Fixed problems with the stability of StudyPlan objects. Objects could in some cases disappear and reappear and the order of objects in the syllabus array could change.
  • Previously we only supported the school form type GR and GY in unmanaged enrolments. We have now increased this by adding support for GR, GRSÄR, GY, GYSÄR, SAM and SP school type mapping.
  • Better handling of vux enrolments when a student has withdrawn and coming back. Related to membership in one group several times.
  • We have had problems with customers making a paginated calls that has lost result when doing a fetch between cache refresh. To help customers we are introducing an error message for outdated pageTokens. Clients will need to deal with this error. The response will be an error object with .code = "NEW_DATA_RESTART_FROM_FIRST_PAGE"

Release Date: 10/19/22

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