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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

This release targets to make a clearer and less confusing alias person handling. Support for more address types is moved to next release.

Change in Alias handling

Previously we only targeted at removing the person information if you opted out on allowing view of the alias person. The problem with this is that it has been UUID connected to nothing and this has caused some confusion about what to to with these missing references. We now instead clean this up for those who should not handle alias persons and remove the references in Groups, duties, activities,grades and placements. 

To give an example how it was before. If you did not get information of the alias persons you could still have grades that was exposed but not connected to any person since the reference was hidden in the person object. Now both the person object and the grade is hidden.


Release Date: 11/15/23

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