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Mikael Nilsson
  • Current Release: No Components: SS12000

This release contains fixes for placement start date, study plan improvements and also a fix for assignment role on group. 


  • Previously you could have multiple study plans when the student were enrolled in two different units with the same Education level where both enrollments where primary. This have now been changed so you only have one per education level
  • Previously the date for placement start was based on placement events. This could be misleading when a student was placed for a long time. We have now changed so that we base placement on the actual placement start instead of events. This will cause the placements to be fewer since we no longer list all the events and instead have a correct summary of the placement.
  • We are fixing a bug where the same teacher couldn't be listed twice in the assignment Role property of a Group


  • Previously we showed both main and non main courser for the study plan. This have now been changed so we only show main (active) courses.


Release Date: 03/08/23

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