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New article section released

Mikael Nilsson

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Hello community!

Today we're happy to announce that we are releasing the new section "Articles" to this site.

This section is one step on the way of including the community of changes being developed that might be good to have info on before it will be posted on the release page. 

Here we also post information that might be handy on different subjects, such as when we add new APIs and when we have documentation that might be good to have when integrating with said APIs.

check it out here:


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If you want to receive notification on articles that we post you'll have to go to https://educloud.ist.com/articles/?show=categories or click on the "Show Categories" button, select the category that you are interested in following and then click follow.

Given that we will continue to add APIs to EduCloud you are most likely not interested in every single article that we post and thus it's better to follow a specific category.

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