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Production downtime

Jonas Erlandsson

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We are currently experiencing some operational downtime on some of our SS12000 services.

This might mean that you'll receive the response

  "code": "source_unavailable", 
  "message": "Could not find any current data set for source: <customerId>" 

We are looking into what might have caused this and I'll get back to you as soon as we're back on track.

To get notified when this has been solved, please follow this post.

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This downtime was due to us changing how long sources could be cached without having anyone requesting data from them.
We had an issue with the queue system which caused some customers not being able to reach their data via SS12000 after a cache reload.

Most data came back up fairly quickly while some took a bit longer to re-sync but all services and data is back on track since late yesterday.

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